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Play, Pause, Learn: BEST OF 2020

Whether you are seeing students in person, solely via teletherapy, or some combination of the two, revitalize your social cognition and language work with some wonderful animations.

YouCue Feelings

Chapter One

Preview the first chapter here! 

Screens, Students, and ASD Tips for Meeting Your Child's Needs During COVID-19

Top 10 Picks for COVID-19 Relief

We all need some entertaining relief as many of us are putting our toe in teletherapy for the first time! Here are my top 10 animated video recommendations for social learning.

Feeling Fixers & More 

Free visual supports for social learning! 

Many of you know the benefits of using visual supports for students in social learning. Click below to download a few of my favorites!

Video Recommendations 
for Social Learning

Get your computer, smartboard, or iPad ready for my top video recommendations for social learning! Many of these provide fabulous material to use when working on narrative. These are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Top Game Picks
for Social Learning

Click below to find a list of my top game recommendations to help students with social learning!

Saving Conversation Paths

Conversation Paths are easily customized and saved for future use. In this tutorial Anna Vagin explains how to save a Path that you are using with a particular student or group. Saving Paths allows you to easily pull up student work when you see them for their next appointment. Download to watch now or later!

Anna Vagin, PhD: Welcome to Tuesday Tips!

Watch Anna Vagin, PhD's weekly "Tuesday Tips" to hear YouTube recommendations, game suggestions, and activities to build social understanding in students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety and Nonverbal Learning Difference. Download to watch now or later!

Adding Student Names to Conversation Paths

Conversation Paths help SLPs, SLPAs, teachers, therapists and parents work with students to build their conversation skills. In this tutorial, Anna Vagin explains how to customize a set of Paths by adding student names. Download to watch now or later!

Tuesday Tip: Pyramid of Pengqueen

Anna Vagin, PhD, reviews the game Pyramid of Pengqueen by Brain Games and discusses how to use it effectively with students who have social learning challenges. Download to watch now or later!

Tuesday Tip: Scratt & Inflexibility

Do you have students in your social learning groups who struggle to think and behave flexibly? Jumpstart discussions about this critical social concept with this free video. Download to watch now or later!

Tuesday Tip: Rage Quit

Do you know what a "ragequit" is and how you can use it with your students? Need a YouTube video to jumpstart your discussions? Find it here in under 2 minutes.

Tuesday Tip: Cauldron Quest

Anna Vagin, PhD, reviews the game Cauldron Quest by Peaceable Kingdom! Find out how to use it effectively with students with a wide range of ages who have social learning challenges.

Tuesday Tip: Air Travel in Real Life

This week Anna Vagin, PhD, Gives YouTube recommendations for a video recommendations and helpful tips for effectively identifying and managing feelings in uncomfortable situations! Don't forget to subscribe for new Tuesday Tips, every week.

Tuesday Tip: Modifying Games with Cards

Anna Vagin, PhD, gives helpful tips about how to modify or simplify games with cards help students who have social learning challenges. Find out here,

Tuesday Tip: Peter Vermuelen

Anna Vagin, PhD, gives a video recommendation: Peter Vermuelen talking about autism, happiness & wellbeing. Find our more in less than two minutes.

Tuesday Tip: Game Visual Supports

Anna Vagin, PhD, gives examples of how cue sheets for game instructions are a great way to provide visual supports for students! Find out how modifying game instructions can help students play games that are more exciting and cognitively challenging.

Tuesday Tips: Sesame Street - HappySad Cookie

Anna Vagin, PhD, gives a YouTube video recommendation from Sesame Street that shares on the importance of feelings and friendship. Download to find out more.