Let’s Talk About Convos: Building Conversational Competence with 
Conversation Paths Pack Expanded Version (CPPEV)

with Anna Vagin, PhD

  • Have you already purchased CPPEV and want to get the most out of it?

  • Do you work with the Original Paths and want to know more about what’s been added?

  • Are you interested in learning more to see if CPPEV is right for you and your students?

Join CPPEV developer and speech language pathologist Anna Vagin, PhD in an exploration of CPPEV, a semi-structured program that builds conversational competence. With a variety of materials for students, CPPEV includes info on assessment, rubrics, goal writing, progress tracking, and more. Learn how to get the most out of CPPEV in this Zoom webinar recording below.

At the conclusion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Explain what Conversation Paths are and how to use them.

  • Define mental state verbs and explain their relevance to conversation.

  • Outline the procedure for Conversation in Real Time.

  • Demonstrate how to apply a rubric to goals for improved conversation.

  • Select 2 Practice Activities that were presented and show how to use them with a student/group in your caseload.

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