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FREE ADHD in Middle School Summit

I wanted to let you know that, later this month, I will be part of ADHD in Middle School Summit – a virtual meeting bringing together over 40 experts in the field of ADHD to share their best tips, strategies, and ideas for helping your child with ADHD thrive through the Middle School years.  I will be joining Dr. Ross Greene (psychologist, developer of the Collaborative Problem Solving model and best-selling author,) Dr. Peg Dawson (psychologist, author of a number of books about ADHD including Smart but Scattered), Dr. George McCloskey (pediatric neuropsychologist and author), Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster (founders of Impact ADHD,) and many others.

My specific presentation, Play2Practice: Gaming for Social Learning, will focus on using games (of all sorts) to build resilience, increase flexibility, and improve management of uncomfortable feelings in the moment.  I will also be hosting a Q&A on September 16th to answer questions about how to integrate games into daily life. 

The ADHD Middle School Summit is free, so I encourage you to attend –CLICK HERE for registration.

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