Living Means Evolving. . .

In the 3 years since I developed the Conversation Paths and CPPEV, our field has seen lots of changes. We’ve been moving forward at a rapid pace, with new ideas becoming integrated into our clinical framework and becoming…well, not so new anymore. An indication of progress. Of where we are in this moment, and where we hope to go in the future.

Change that challenges systemic & unconscious biases, whether toward gender, race, or neurodiversity. Changes that challenge our understanding of and empathy toward those with whom we work. Changes that challenge our work. New lenses through which we see the world and all those with whom we share this planet. BIG ideas, important ideas.

All these changes mean we can’t stand still. What worked in the ’80s (when I entered this field,) doesn’t necessarily work, or even apply in the same way today. And neither do some of the ideas we held even as recently as a few years ago. That means there’s a need for us to look closely at how we can, and should, change.

Change for me means making important revisions to CPPEV. Changes and clarifications in vocabulary and an overall framework that I feel have strengthened CPPEV. Changes that reflect my values and growing understanding and recognition of the limits of a medical model, the forces of ableism, and the needs and rights of neurodiverse individuals.

Together we are in the process of building new communities. Moving one step at a time toward greater inclusivity, understanding, and appreciation of differences. Respect for individual choices. Will there be future revisions of my work as I re-think, process new information, change my mind, and evolve... I hope so!

The revised CPPEV will be sent as an update to (automatically) registered buyers in Fall 2022. In the meantime, I have posted an important statement encapsulating some of what I wrote about here.

Thanks to all of you who expressed appreciation and interest in last month’s blog about how our bodies move during conversation. Just another example of how there is so much to consider when we think about conversation!

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