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Social Learning with Engaging Youtube Videos

Here are 10 of my latest favorites. Enjoy, but remember to always preview before showing to students - make it a great match!

Joy and Heron by Passion Pictures

At first glance, yes, a fabulous, lovely story. But digging deeper it’s fantastic for practice on perspective taking! All the characters have different goals and feelings, so get your sticky notes ready. Also wonderful for narrative, as well as demonstrating that sometimes we change our mind about what we think and how we feel about others 

Game Changer by Aviv Mano

Love, love, love this video! Terrific for girls to watch, but boys will enjoy it also. Ranges of feelings, inference leading to plans, demonstration of resilience – it’s all here! Great animation, great feelings, great story. 

Allisk8r by Anna Prado

Terrific for the right (older) audience, so make sure you preview in its entirety before showing. I use this video to jump start discussions about a common experience (especially for some of our students) - that everyone is saying NO! Staying regulated, flexible thinking, and a somewhat surprise ending. Check it out!  

Off the Hook by Andreas Rossides & Kaitlyn Landry

What happens when a busy Dad takes his daughter to the zoo? Well, if she wants to explore and have fun she will have to find someone to take her place on that little leash Dad is walking her on. Feelings, inference, perspective taking – and overall fun!

Rupee Run by Tarun Lak

Who will get that rolling rupee – the chimp or the boy? Or will they work something out by chance? And who is that lovely girl who shows up half way through? Wait, is that a tail she has? Bet you want to watch this one right now to find the answers…

Clean Cut by Soo Choi & Nancy Jing

Don’t you wish you lived in a house shaped like a sewing machine? Grandma has taught the scissors to cut on lines, but poor scissors takes this instruction to heart in a “black and white” sort of way. Uh-oh! But it’s okay – the tomato is there to help out.

Fairness by Long Story Shortz

Fair means not the same for everyone. This video is a terrific example. Visually uncluttered, it’s great for pausing to identify thoughts and feelings. A video doesn’t need to be complicated to get the point across.

Pip by Southeastern Guide Dogs

Poor Pip is struggling in Guide Dog School – it’s hard to make mistakes and feel like everyone is better at something than you are. But in the end, he finds a way to show his skills and surprise everyone, maybe even himself.

Motorbike by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment

Another one for those scientists in your caseload. Watch it, and then get your students observing each other to see how similar we are in our social behavior and expression of emotions.

Peck Pocketed by Kevin Herron

This crafty bird wants to upgrade his nest. Super facial expressions reflecting his feelings and plans make it perfect for thought bubbles. But watch out – there is a tussle over some underwear, so preview VERY carefully….

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