That's SO Annoying... (pt 2)

Last time, I talked about how annoying this world we live in can be. BUT, this time I face that fact that, much as I don't like to admit it, I sometimes annoy others. Sometimes people I love, and sometimes strangers, sometimes knowing that I am doing it (yikes!), and sometimes unknowingly. It can be hard to recognize and accept the fact that sometimes we annoy others. After all, most of us typically think of ourselves as pretty nice people. Just like the students with whom I work, recognizing our not-so-great side is the first step to change. 

In our YouTube viewing and conversations about "annoyment" (see previous Mailchimp for more ideas), I've found that students have lots to say about this feeling and phenomenon! Here are some tips for these discussions:

1. As we start talking about how we annoy others, I always start with an example of myself - it breaks the ice and reinforces that we ALL can be annoying to others. 2. If you have been talking about annoyment for a while, most students can then list 1-3 things they might do that annoy others. Often, other students in the group may try to be helpful by telling the student what they do that annoys them! Guide that to be a kind discussion, remembering to sketch, use feeling labels and thought/talk bubbles. If a particular student isn't ready to think about their behavior, let them watch others and participate as they are ready. 3. Share the lists. There is camaraderie and a sense of "we are all human" when we do this. If you think students are ready, ask them for some details: Can they tell that they are annoying others? How do they feel when someone tells them they are annoying? Some students may feel sad or mad, but others may be happy or neutral, so be ready for a range of answers. Do they change their behavior? Why or why not? Remember, it's all about context! 4. You don't have to get into the weeds and too serious at this point - all you want to do is help students take that first step of recognizing the consequences of some of their behaviors! Complement them on their great social learning, and move on.

Next time: part 3 - tools to help our students (and us!) handle annoyment. Meanwhile, here are some YouTube videos to work with:

Darth Vader Being a Jerk by skywalkerpotter21

Forward March! by ESMA

CGI Animated Short Film: "U R In Trouble" by Yujoung Lee ** remember, ALWAYS preview a video before showing it to students - it's not a "one size fits all" world out there!

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