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The Holidays = opportunities for flexibility…

Jumpstart flex discussions with great animations

With the coming end of the calendar year come HOLIDAYS. Once we are past that first signpost, Halloween, Thanksgiving (sometimes now with a week break!) seems to come overnight. Quickly followed by Winter break. Wonderful as the Holidays are, they bring with them lots of situations that can be trying for all of us, but particularly for those who struggle with flexibility – new routines, visiting relatives, holiday excitement and sugar, wacky bedtimes, holiday travel across time zones…the list just goes on. Then, when we breathe a sigh of relief as we enter, January, we’re faced with transitioning back to school, work, life.

As we move toward winter break, try experimenting with some of these activities as you help your students “find their flex.”

I often ask students what it means to be flexible – every student, every group gives me a different set of definitions (and sometimes the feelings that go along with that.) And no wonder, flexibility is an exceptionally abstract and complicated concept…

After we’ve collected these baseline definitions, we watch some animations and see what we can add. Here are 3 wonderful animated videos to watch as you explore what underlies flex:

Float by McKenna Harris

Game Changerby Aviv Mano

Air Travel in Real Life By Tripp and Tyler

Let me know how your explorations go!

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