Learn how to integrate a range of conversational building blocks, including questions, 4 starters, answers, comments, interjections, bridges, greetings and departures, all in a fast-paced format that will keep your students engaged.


Conversation paths are a semi-structured way for students to practice 8 building blocks of conversation. While allowing for spontaneity, conversation paths give students the chance to practice conversational components they may not typically use. 


Created for:

  • Parents
  • Use by SLPs, SLPAs, Special Ed teachers, Regular Ed teachers

  • Individual or small group (2-4) work

  • Teletherapy OR in person work

  • Students in 3rd – 12th grades (depends on abilities & needs)

  • Students who have social learning challenges, speech and language disabilities, or need support to improve their conversational skills

  • Students who are able to read the sample conversations (some help ok!)


 Feelings are an important part of relationships, yet students with social learning challenges (some with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum, Social Communication Disorder or ADHD) often struggle understanding their own feelings as well as the feelings of others. YouCue Feelings uses the engaging material of online videos to make learning about feelings and relationships easy and fun.  

Bundle: YouCue Feelings book & Conversation Paths Pack

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