Conversation Paths Pack Expanded Version Just the Paths is a semi-structured program that builds conversational competence. Help your students achieve greater conversational engagement & success. 


Created for:

  • SLPs, SLPAs, Special Ed teachers, Regular Ed teachers

  • Individual or small group (2-4) work

  • Teletherapy OR in-person sessions

  • Students in 3rd grade and up

  • Students who have social learning challenges, speech and language disabilities, or need support to improve their conversational skills

  • Students who are able to read (some help ok!)


As a reminder, CPPEV is my copyrighted intellectual property. While I encourage you to show these Paths to teachers and parents, please do not share this entire Conversation Paths Pack Expanded Version with other users. Similarly, please do not publicly distribute, upload or in any way share my material online. Unless you contact me for express permission, each copy is meant to be used by only one clinician. Thanks!    

Just the Paths (JtP)

    • 63 Conversation Paths for 2 speakers (including the 33 original 2 speaker Paths)
    • 15 Conversation Paths for 3 speakers (90 possible conversations)
    • 15 Conversation Paths for 4 speakers (360 possible conversations)