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Social Learning Labs promotes lifelong, fulfilling, meaningful social connections for everyone, especially those most challenged by social relatedness - individuals with Autism, ADHD, developmental delays, anxiety or other emotional issues - by creating and disseminating a wide range of innovative activities, books, films, workshops, and curricula focused on social engagement and skill-building.

Tuesday Tips


New for 2020: Anna's Tuesday Tips


Every Tuesday I will be posting a short video on YouTube (also will be posted on my twitter - @anna_vagin and YouTube-Anna Vagin.) I will give YouTube recommendations with suggested activities, show you my favorite games, talk and show visual supports, and include miscellaneous info that can help our work in social cognition.  Check out the episodes and "subscribe"on YouTube to be sure you don't miss any!

Friday Girl's Night

Hang out with other young women for a fun night of art, TV, games and cooking. Find new friends and make social connections in a supportive and safe environment. 


Details for Parents

Friday Girl's Nights (FGN) was started to reduce isolation, provide a safe environment for interaction, gently encourage social engagement, and build social abilities in older teens and young women with disabilities. 

FGN is not a drop-in program. Group size ranges from 4-6 participants, carefully screened for interests and compatibility. We are grateful to the peer volunteers from the community are part of our team. 

Let's Talk About It - 

Coming in 2020 - More Details Soon!



Join Social Learning Labs and Cortica San Rafael https://www.corticacare.com as we host a discussion about sexuality and relationships in young adulthood. Karen Kaplan, will mediate conversation with a parent/family panel. This will be a frank, open forum in which parents can express their ideas, confusions, questions, and thoughts about sexuality/relationships and their children. This discussion is appropriate for parents, relatives and professionals. For this meeting, no young adults, please. 

Attendees can participate in 2 ways:

            -panel member: Are you willing to be on the panel and voice your thoughts? We would love to have you participate!

            -non-panel member: Are you unsure about speaking about this subject or might consider asking questions or making comments as the discussion unfolds? Please understand that there will be absolutely no pressure to say anything.


Therapeutic DnD

Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) is a roleplaying group game. Typically led by a Dungeon Master (DM) who organizes and develops the challenges of the game, DnD involves using ready-made or personally created characters to undertake quests - battles, treasure hunting, mysteries, etc. As a quest unfolds, so do the individual players and group dynamic. 

Therapeutic DnD uses the format of the game to challenge participants to explore themselves via their characters, relate to other players' characters, take risks that they would not usually take, and "try on" and practice a persona or skill very different from their own. Therapeutic DnD can help players in areas such as perspective taking, flexibility, inference, collaborative problem solving, sharing imagination, processing emotional and other non-verbal information, conversation, and self regulation - all via an engaging game in which they are eager to participate. 

email for more information