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Animations for use with

The Zones of Regulation

A good animated video includes a wide range of feelings. While I have done some general “sorting,” keep in mind that most of the videos I recommend can be used for a broad range of social-emotional learning. By starting with animations, we can have students learn and discuss abstract feelings (e.g. discouraged versus furious) and concepts (e.g. cooperation) via engaging characters.

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BEST OF 2021

I have listed my favorite Maca and Roni videos with brief descriptions. With most Maca and Roni, you can use them following a simplified story line for beginning social thinkers, or on a more sophisticated level with more advanced students. My list starts with the original 3, but be sure to enjoy them all!


Screens, Students, and ASD Tips for
Meeting Your Child's Needs
During COVID-19


Video Recommendations 
for Social Learning

Get your computer, smartboard, or iPad ready for my top video recommendations for social learning! Many of these provide fabulous material to use when working on narrative. These are in no particular order. Enjoy!


YouCue Feelings: Chapter One

Preview the first chapter here! 


Top 10 Picks for COVID-19 Relief

We all need some entertaining relief as many of us are putting our toe in teletherapy for the first time! Here are my top 10 animated video recommendations for social learning.


​Top Game Picks for Social Learning

Click below to find a list of my top game recommendations to help students with social learning!

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Download a list of my top

Mental State Verbs

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