​Conversations build relationships.
CPPEV (si-pev) can help. 

Conversation Paths Pack Expanded Version is a semi-structured program that builds conversational competence. With a variety of materials for students, CPPEV includes info on assessment, rubrics, goal writing, progress tracking, and more. Help your students achieve greater conversational engagement & success. 


"CPPEV is a necessary and timely program for development and enhancement of social skills in the school-aged population. It is comprehensive and data driven for measuring outcomes, modifying therapy goals and individualizing the essentials involved with conversational skills. The use of templates provides busy clinicians with tools necessary to document, measure and expand progress and outcomes in a sequenced hierarchy that is fun, engaging and relevant for students as well as clinicians. CPPEV is a must-have for SLPs."

—  Dr. Deborah Swain, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

Clinical Director/CEO, The Swain Center
Editor ASHA SIG 17 Perspectives Journal

ASHA Fellow

Past President, California Speech-Language and Hearing Association

CSHA Honors, CSHA Fellow

National Academies of Practice Distinguished Scholar and Fellow 


Stop me if this sounds familiar:

You're confused and frustrated about the complexity of working on social, conversational engagement. 

You aren't sure how to move from assessments, to good goals, to effective work on conversation, and finally to progress tracking.  

You have trouble finding engaging materials for students

who've had lots of therapy and have “seen and already know” what you currently have.


You often put kids together in groups based on schedules instead of how well they fit together, so it's tricky to find materials that apply to and engage a range of students.

You wish you and your students could have more fun in sessions as they grow in their ability to have and enjoy conversation. 






Now Imagine This:

You feel supported in your work on conversation. You're better able to understand, work with, and talk about the complexities of conversation with fellow professionals and families. 

You have effective, organized materials that save you time. The steps for great conversation work have been created for you: you simply follow along and add your own creativity. 


You and your students enjoy sessions more because your materials are clear and engaging. Both you and your students are able to experience the fun and laughter that truly organic conversations (even during practice) give us. 


Your materials are applicable to a wide range of students and needs, and it's easier to track progress. Your work is organized, consistent, and visually appealing.  


You feel satisfied, grateful, effective, happier, smarter and calmer. You are reminded how much you love what you do.







What's a Conversation Path?

  • Appropriate for students with social cognitive, processing, expressive language or other speech and language challenges. 

  • Created for students 3rd grade and higher with verbal language (some reading is helpful.)

  • Use for individual or group therapy, in either teletherapy or in-person sessions. 

What's included? Glad you asked! 


NEW Conversation Paths




63 Conversation Paths for 2 speakers (including the 33 original 2 speaker Paths)

15 Conversation Paths for 3 speakers (90 possible conversations)

15 Conversation Paths for 4 speakers (360 possible conversations)

The webinar has already taken place.
But no worries, you can watch the recording!



Customizable Conversion Paths & Practice Activities, built to help you  support students working to expand and improve their conversational and social engagement abilities.  




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